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My photo equipment

Hi everyone!

I often get these questions about my photo equipment :

What camera and lens do you use? What`s the best for beauty photography or close ups?

So herefore I made this blog post to show you! :)

My equipment

I am specialized in beauty photography and mostly work in similar situations (light, distance & motif) so my camera equipment doesn`t need much different gear.

The following photogear I am using for all of my beauty and close up work, hand & bodypart images as well as still life & product images.


I always shoot with my Canon Eos 5D Mark III. This camera gives everything on details and sharpness I need for my imagery. In addition I use fixed focal length lenses.

Macro Lens

In 90% of all of my shoots I use my Canon EF 100mm F2.8L Macro. It creates a sharp and detailed look, showing you all important skin texture, which I love especially for close up images.

Portrait Lens

When I shoot some portrait work I like to use my Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM lens. It gets you a lovely bokeh and and a more soft look than the macro lens.


If you are unsure about buying new gear, search for rentals near you! You can rent cameras and lenses for hours or days and test them out! :)


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