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Learn how to achieve natural and high-end retouching results

in this online course!


Are you struggling with retouching, especially with beauty retouching?

Don't your techniques result in the professional beauty images you want to achieve, nor attract clients? Are you often unsure about your retouching skills?

For a long time I felt the same way:

I wasn't satisfied with my results, made a lot of mistakes, couldn't achieve the desired quality of retouching and didn't get the jobs I would have liked to get.

Then I decided I wanted to change that and worked on my retouching skills.

Then over the last 10 years I have learned a lot about beauty retouching and have been able to improve my techniques, became happy with the quality of my retouching, gained clients and had my first worldwide magazine publications

(ELLE, Women`s Health, Cosmopolitan).

Now I want to share all these things I have learned, my whole beauty retouching knowledge, with you, so you can achieve your retouching goals faster and with fewer mistakes than me.

That's why I created this online beauty retouching course so you can learn the essentials and get all that knowledge in one place! In this course you will learn everything to improve your beauty retouching skills, become professional, create natural & high-end beauty images and to take your retouching career to the next level.

I will show you my best techniques and won`t hide any tips and experience from you!

Kurstext 1
Clean close up

Watch me retouch ...

... these 3 images &

learn how to deal with different difficulties!

retouch glamorous make up


... you are struggling with beauty retouching & feel that you can't quite achieve natural & high-end looking results and want to learn how to do it right


... you are a beginner retoucher or beauty photographer, who wants to learn beauty retouching from start to finish

... you are currently working as a hobbyist retoucher and would like to make the switch into professional beauty retouching and attract clients

... you want to learn new techniques and are particularly interested in beauty retouching, or would like to get to know my style of beauty retouching


7 Lessons, 42 Sections


200+ minutes of video

40+ PDF/infopages


For beginner and advanced retouchers




4 RAW/TIFF files

For you to practice your skills and apply what you have learned in this course

+ to use them for your portfolio


(*Special Launch Offer!)

Get my Feedback on your retouched Course-Images!

I'll personally give you tips on how to improve your skills and take your retouching career to the next level!


Action Set

With 3 actions, that I use frequently to speed up my workflow,

correct colors and add style

My "Retouching Guideline"

In this guide you will find all of my beauty retouching knowledge,

as overview, organized in different topics


Hi! I'm Tamara Specht and I am a Beauty Photographer & Retoucher based in southern Germany. My photography and retouch work has been published international in magazines like ELLE, Women`s Health, COSMOPOLITAN, InStyle, Glamour, Marie Claire,  Daily Mail and more. 

Over the last 10 years I've learned a lot about beauty retouching, made mistakes and improved my techniques. Now I want to share my knowledge with you so you can learn things faster and with fewer mistakes than me.

In this course you will learn everything to improve your beauty retouching skills to become more professional and to create natural & high-end beauty images.

I am excited to show you everything! 

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Anker 1
Anker 3


Be prepared
First, you will find initial information on how to prepare for this course,

so you are ready to go :)

Tools & Methods
I then will introduce you to all my "Tools & Methods",

that will help you achieve the best results for your retouching.


Workflows - Images from start to finish
Now you can watch me retouch 3 different images with different problems,

from start to finish! Learn how best to deal with these different difficulties by using

different techniques.


After that, we will talk about general workflows and

on how you can optimize & speed up your own workflow.


Retouching Guideline
In this guide you will find an overview of my whole beauty retouching knowledge!

 It is organized into different topics, that allows you to search for specific problems & situations
which you may want to solve and shows you how to deal with them.